What my Clients Say

"Sharon has a healing heart as well as healing hands. This combination creates a deeply nurturing experience that uplifts your spirit and invites you to completely immerse yourself in the massage." —Cynthia Herrmann

"Thank you, thank you, thank you...I can finally move again after a long period of recovery." —Corrine Ricker

"Astonishing and so respectful of the body, my time, and needs! —Alan P.

"I felt all tension and worry melt away and was left with a deep sense of peace. I have been a client of Sharon's for over ten years and will continue to benefit from her therapy." —Reyes Garcia

"Sharon has given me back the use of my hands...the Doctors said I needed surgery...but Sharon, through her therapy, has eliminated the need for such a drastic measure. I now have 95% mobility in my hands.
—Louise Hutchens.

"I owe myself the gentle massage that Sharon gives. Her massage helps my body to relax and heal." —Ken O.

"I highly endorse Sharon Gibson as an excellent, well trained, and pleasant woman. Her massages of both the body and feet are very good. She is respectful and has improved the quality of my life...I highly recommend her services to anyone in pain." —Dolores Chadeayne

"We hired Sharon to come and help our staff get through the conversion of our computers to a new system. We were very busy and working 12-hour shifts...I have to tell you she was completely professional and non-intrusive to the work environment. The only complaint I had was that we did not have her here long enough...Given the chance to bring Sharon in again I will jump on it, her chair massages got us through a very stressful project. —Melody Hadley AT&T

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"I've known Sharon to conduct herself in a very professional manner and she has a comprehensive knowledge of massage techniques...she has a compassion for healing. I highly recommend her. —Steven S. Bingham, D.C. Tracy Spinal Care

Mission Statement:

Sharon's mission is to resolve her clients' pain and strain from past and present stress and injuries with healing hands, bringing them good health today and into the future.