Pricing for Massage Therapy

Hours of Operation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00 AM–6:00 PM
10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Call (209) 830-1702 to schedule an appointment.
Become pain free today!

  1 Hour 1/2 Hour
Reflexology $70.00 $40.00

Deep Tissue—Full Body, Lower/Upper Body $70.00 $40.00

Sports Therapy $70.00 $40.00

Swedish Relaxation $70.00 $40.00

Neuro-Kinsiology $70.00 $40.00

Ear Candling $60.00  

Will My Insurance Cover It?

Sharon is a provider for many insurance companies that offer discounts for alternative, complementary, or wellness health programs. Sharon is credentialed with ASH, Kaiser, Optimum Health, and Hill's Physicians to name a few. Check your insurance web site to see if Sharon is listed as a provider for your insurance company. Discounted rates are immediately applied, however most companies do not allow billing unless treatment is prescribed and authorized in advanced with the insurance provider.