Stress, and Why We Need Massage
Sharon Gibson

Stress can manifest itself as physical, emotional, or spiritual discord, especially in today's world where we do not give enough time to ourselves. That is, the time to rest, to heal and de-stress....

We alwaysSharon seem to be rushing; we never stop to listen to the warning signals our bodies send us. Pain is the body's last resort, and is a result of not listening to those warnings.

What if, by actually taking the time out to regularly maintain our bodies, and therefore our own health, we were less prone to illness? It is not always possible to give ourselves all the time that we need, so how can we compromise?

Choosing to see a therapist to give back what we give out is a good first step. How often do you even stop long enough to take a deep breath? During massage, you will be encouraged to remember to breathe. Sometimes, we need to be shown how to slow down and relax, and this is where massage therapy can help.

Men in particular have fewer outlets for stress. Women tend to see hairdressers and beauty specialists, and in doing so, are taking time out for themselves, unwinding...maybe this is why we live longer.

Putting back what we give out, it's like the current phrase.... "Because you're worth it!" We need to give ourselves permission to be healthier and to feel better and sleep better; the first step is giving back to yourself.

So my advice is, choose a therapeutic treatment that appeals to you, and enjoy...

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